I C Publishing Introduces New Author, Anita Heidema

At I C Publishing we are passionate about helping others, like new author Anita Heidema, tell their stories and share their experiences and wisdom in life and work. Our interviews are meant to help and encourage other writers, and at the same time celebrate the hard work and courage that goes into birthing the amazing books inside all of us.

In her first book, Vitality Knocks, Anita introduces us to Vitality, a spunky, intuitive woman who speaks candidly about her struggles and accomplishments as a wife, mother and business woman. She takes on the real world on her terms. Then bravely and thoughtfully shares her insights gleaned from the often scary, sometimes gut-wrenching, and always interesting events she finds herself entrenched in.

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Write More in November with NanoWriMo and I C Publishing

Calling all fiction and non-fiction writers, write more with us in November!

If you have a novel in you and you haven’t written it yet, check out the the NaNoWriMo website for details on how to get some great tips and support during all 30 days in November. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter too.

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Click here for  some background on this internet-based annual creative writing project that literally thousands of writers participate in around the globe.

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More Than One Path to Your Best Manuscript

How working with writing coaches & editors will improve your book.


Yes, there is more than one path to achieving your best manuscript, and this post elaborates specifically on the value of working with writing coaches and/or editors and how each can help enhance your book.

I’m thrilled to introduce to you a colleague of mine, Patti Hall. Patti is a non-fiction author and memoir writing coach. She has recently joined the I C Publishing team as a client liaison and writing mentor. I invited Patti to guest post this month and expand on the differences between the role of an editor and that of coach. So here you go:

How a Writing Coach Can Help Improve Your Manuscript

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Authors and Business Owners – Don’t Skimp on Editing

While this post may speak a bit more to book authors, the message is the same for business owners; do not skimp on the review and editing process. editing

For Business Owners

Think about your marketing material, instructional booklets, social media posts, and yes, your website, article writing and blogging. Short-forms, single letters and numbers seem the norm to spell full words these days, especially in social media conversations. That said, be mindful this doesn’t translate to shortcuts in the way you communicate overall. Continue reading

The New World of Publishing Series – Part 2 of 2

Asphalt road in forest

In Part 1 of The New World of Publishing Series we discussed different ways you could publish your book, as well as the importance of your own goals in that process. For deeper learning and handy reference, we also included extra links to expand on the points outlined.

Here, we elaborate on some of the micro and multi-layered steps involved in publishing to help you understand further all the areas that require your attention, and/or your publisher’s focus and expertise. Since there’s a lot to cover, we’ve kept it point form; however, if there is something you’d like us to elaborate on, feel free to comment or contact us directly and we’ll do our best to assist you. Continue reading

The New World of Publishing Series – Part 1 of 2

Beautiful nature at morning in the misty spring forest with sun

In the New World of Publishing Series we’re going to touch on five main elements of this exciting, ever changing, and often-confusing industry.

It’s that time of year when many individuals regroup and revisit their goals, and think about what they still want to accomplish before the end of the year. If one of your goals is having a book published, this series will provide you with some critical information you need to know. Also, if you haven’t started the process and would like to at least investigate the possibilities, take some time to peruse our site, specifically our informative blog posts. Feel free to contact us directly for a chat. If you would like to submit your manuscript for consideration and/or evaluation, you can do that as well. Continue reading

A Look Inside I C Publishing: My Journey as an Author and Business Owner

Before we’re full swing into our busy fall season with more new releases, author interviews, and putting the finishing touches on our publishing series posts we’re planning for September, I thought I would share a little about my journey as an author and business owner. One of my industry colleagues interviewed me earlier this year, and I’d like to share part of interview with you here, with the hope that you will be encouraged to believe in yourself, your work, and ultimately the difference you want to make—and recognize how much is possible when you do.

Sheri Andrunyk

I do the work I do because:

As a business and life coach, I have always been a life-long learner, and am most moved and motivated (and energized) when I can share what I learn with others to make their path easier and more rewarding. And now as partner publisher and consultant for authors, I get to do even more by providing choice and support to passionate business experts, wellness coaches and spiritual mentors—while helping them tell their story or teach their craft in a meaningful way. Continue reading

I C Publishing Introduces Another Inspiring Author, Nasima Z.

When Nasima Z. assembled her wealth of writing and personal reflections for her new book, In My Silent Moments, it was exciting to realize that there was truly something for everyone, and for all of life’s seasons.

Despite what most of us would consider significant limitations due to the challenges of past surgeries to remove two brain tumours, not to mention the onset of MS, Nasima maintains a refreshing attitude and sense of humour that allows her to always seek the sunshine through the clouds.

The insights she shares during times of joy, celebration, extremes of crisis, and loss and illness are captivating—quickly drawing you into her world and reassuring you that you’re not alone in yours. Continue reading

I C Publishing Introduces Talented New Author (and Artist) Jenna Stewart

When Jenna completed a routine writing project back in teachers’ college, little did she realize what the story would eventually blossom into . . . It is only when you travel with Jenna through There Is This Place that you can fully appreciate the magical journey waiting for you. Jenna encourages us to take one day at a time, to drink in each moment, and to slow down long enough to even let fireflies light our way.

This multi-talented author blends the beauty of her exquisite story with equally captivating illustrations, which bring her adorable childhood experiences to life. Her words flow effortlessly from one dimension to another, inviting us to find our own place and its own magic.


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Books Don’t Sell Because They’re in Bookstores or Distribution Catalogues

It Starts With You

Similar to the saying “the phone won’t ring because you have a nice business card or website,” believe it or not, books don’t sell because they’re in bookstores or distribution catalogues (although it’s part of what can make sales easier once you have the engaged the author’s potential audience). It’s one of the reasons I recommend to most authors that their books be created in all formats, including print, PDF, mobi, and ePUB, and available for purchase on as many platforms as possible, realistically speaking. This includes Amazon, on-line bookstores, their own website, e-stores, and so on.

Ultimately, books sell because authors (along with their team or partners) are part of a plan that connects them and keeps them in front of their book’s target market.

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