I C Publishing Introduces Talented New Author (and Artist) Jenna Stewart

When Jenna completed a routine writing project back in teachers’ college, little did she realize what the story would eventually blossom into . . . It is only when you travel with Jenna through There Is This Place that you can fully appreciate the magical journey waiting for you. Jenna encourages us to take one day at a time, to drink in each moment, and to slow down long enough to even let fireflies light our way.

This multi-talented author blends the beauty of her exquisite story with equally captivating illustrations, which bring her adorable childhood experiences to life. Her words flow effortlessly from one dimension to another, inviting us to find our own place and its own magic.


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Books Don’t Sell Because They’re in Bookstores or Distribution Catalogues

It Starts With You

Similar to the saying “the phone won’t ring because you have a nice business card or website,” believe it or not, books don’t sell because they’re in bookstores or distribution catalogues (although it’s part of what can make sales easier once you have the engaged the author’s potential audience). It’s one of the reasons I recommend to most authors that their books be created in all formats, including print, PDF, mobi, and ePUB, and available for purchase on as many platforms as possible, realistically speaking. This includes Amazon, on-line bookstores, their own website, e-stores, and so on.

Ultimately, books sell because authors (along with their team or partners) are part of a plan that connects them and keeps them in front of their book’s target market.

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Navigating the Writing Path: Start to Finish – I C Publishing Summer Blog Tour

Blank notepad over laptop and coffee cup on office wooden table

Welcome to the I C Publishing Summer Blog Tour on navigating our writing paths from start to finish. Earlier this year I participated in a blog tour on the topic, My Writing Process. It was such a great way to connect and share some really meaningful content; I decided I C Publishing would sponsor a blog tour of its own.

I talk to so many writers/authors, and small business owners, who always appear to be working on the proverbial “something” . . . feeling compelled to finish that next project (book, workshop, keynote, etc.). So, what better subject to blog about than how to start, continue, and complete those tasks we really want to—big or small? Continue reading

What’s the VALUE of a Manuscript Evaluation?

The VALUE of a manuscript evaluation is very significant. Think of it in terms of getting your house appraised, or better yet, assessed for home staging improvements prior to selling. Why would you do that? So it would show well, and you would get the best price, correct? Although this is a bit of an oversimplification, it should give you a sense of why you would want to invest in getting a manuscript evaluation completed on your next book. The quality of your book, including how well it is written, your attention to detail, and of course, its actual content, speaks volumes about “you”.

manuscript evaluation

Depending on what phase of the project the author is at (and the condition of the manuscript), at I C Publishing we usually prefer to do evaluations as early in the process as possible, and also separate of the editing stages. That said, some editors will incorporate this as a beginning of their process, and for the most part, either works. We believe that starting with the manuscript evaluation is a very efficient way in which we can assist the author, outlining the strengths and pluses of their work, as well as where there may be areas that need a little more attention. Our ultimate goal is to support them creatively, and guide them in the right direction.

Here are five areas you should receive feedback on: 

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Building Professional Relationships via Social Media

– For Authors & Business Owners

Connected PeopleThere was a time not so long ago when the only way to build professional relationships and meet prospective clients was to attend/join in-person functions and/or networking groups. Although I still greatly value meeting others face-to-face, like I’m sure you do, I also want to maximize the incredible resource and dynamic network awaiting us on social media. All we need to do is translate what we’ve always done well in conventional networking into what will work and be meaningful to us via social media.

Remember, whether we’re networking in person or over social media, it takes time to build trust and rapport. You’ve heard marketing people talk about touch points, and although this takes on a whole new meaning in social media, it simply means you need to have connected with someone on numerous occasions and in several ways before you’re likely to either do business with or refer them, or be referred.

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What is Partner Publishing? – Continued

Publisher York RegionYou might be asking “what is Partner Publishing?” The short answer is that partner publishing bridges the gap between self and traditional publishing. I recently had a local TV interview where the host asked this same question. In my dialogue with him I added that one isn’t necessarily better than the other, each simply provides the writer/author with choices based on a number of factors, including his/her:

Goals, and when they want their book ready to release
• Desire for more creative control, hands-on involvement, and copyright ownership
Genre and specialty of the publisher (if not self-publishing)
Technical expertise or otherwise
• Amount of real time available to do it themselves
Budget (the costs have to be covered somewhere)

The host, an author himself, respectfully challenged me saying he felt/knew of publishers that didn’t give the industry a good name. I had to agree. On the other hand, we also know this to be the case regardless of what industry we’re talking about. I clarified further by sharing that writers/authors looking for support to produce and publish their next book should do their homework and:

Have a conversation with a qualified company representative or owner, and understand their business model to the best of their ability.
Compare apples to apples—not all companies and service providers are the same in their focus or specialty, skill sets, platform, support, options, or fees (i.e. you usually get what you pay for, especially in editing/proofreading for example—and if someone says you don’t need one or both, RUN :-) .
• Get a sense of what their clients are saying too, and see if/what resonates with you.

This will make it a fair bit easier for you to determine your next steps.

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5 Non-Tech Social Media Tips Expanded for Authors & Business Owners

social media for authorsWelcome back. In our spring newsletter, I C News, I wrote about 5 Non-Tech Social Media tips in brief, and promised to expand my thoughts on the subject for authors and business owners in my next blog post. So here it is.

I share from experience, my ongoing learning, and a dash or two of common sense; not because social media is my expertise, although I think I’m getting pretty good at it :-). I do believe it’s important for us all to up our game continuously, particularly in business. There are great resources and articles literally at our fingertips these days, and there are also wonderful mentors and coaches who make their living teaching people about how to communicate in this relatively new environment. There are even professionals who will do all the work for you (bonus tip: if you are hiring someone to do the writing and posting for you as well as the technical stuff, make sure they know how to speak your language—and they “get” you and your business).

Like anything, it can be a bit of a learning curve. Yet with clear goals, an ounce of courage, and a passion to make a difference by connecting with others in a new way—you will succeed. And just as importantly, you will enjoy the journey!

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

Publisher York RegionSerendipity at its best; with spring in the air and proverbial pen in hand, many have been asking for more tips on the book writing process. No sooner did I slot in time to create another blog and possible webinar on the subject, my lovely colleague, Carly (Charlotte) Ottaway, invited me to take part in “My Writing Process” Blog Tour. It’s a great twist on the I C Publishing Author Interviews, as well as the Virtual Book Tours we do where authors guest-post about their passion and area of expertise as it pertains to their book.

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I C Publishing Introduces Author Kathleen Redmond

click image for more info

click image for more info

I C Publishing is pleased to introduce one of its latest authors, Kathleen Redmond, Author of Building a Character Culture – for Trust and Results in the Workplace.

Non-fiction author, Kathleen Redmond, shows the power of story-telling again. Building a Character Culture is the beginning of a dynamic new series. The story part of each book offers a great read, interesting characters and powerful resources—all in a mere 100 pages. Brilliant!

Building a Character Culture lays an integral foundation for creating trust and result in the workplace through real life/business scenarios which play out at LaMaison du Parc. Kathleen’s teachings are further substantiated with well researched facts and hands-on tools and examples that all who follow her work can benefit from tremendously.

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What do you Need Most? – COURAGE

courageWhat do you need most? I know this is a loaded question, but it’s one that I reflect on often . . . What do I need most in this situation, to embrace an opportunity, or engage with someone new? Of course, there are many qualities and traits we must cultivate in order to create the kind of life and work we dream of. The answer, COURAGE, keeps surfacing in my journey. There are so many things I would not have experienced and learned had I not pressed through the unknowns and fears often associated with taking the bold new steps we all deeply desire to. What about you?

I shared the following poem in a recent blog post featuring one of our authors. I truly believe it takes a lot of courage to live this way. Then, what other way is there?

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away.”  Thoreau

How do we develop courage, and other qualities, so they become second nature?

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